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Our Team

Born out of passion for photography and the province of Zeeland

Meet the people behind Fotografie in Zeeland

Kristian | Founder & Owner

Kristian de Winter, 1998, Kwadendamme (Zeeland, the Netherlands)
Together with his father Henk is he the founder & owner of Fotografie in Zeeland. In addition, Kristian is the “creative brain” of this website. He designed the house style, the restyling & he coined the name Fotografie in Zeeland. The characteristic lines, for Kristian are decisive in his photography.

Henk | Founder & Owner

Henk de Winter, 1961, Kwadendamme (Zeeland, the Netherlands)
Henk de Winter, together with his son Kristian, is he the founder & owner of Fotografie in zeeland in Zeeland. Henk is the “innovative brain” of this website. He looks for the best places to photograph. Henk mainly finds the lines, sunrises and sunsets & clouds characteristic of his photographs. Henk also writes articles for our special page Zeeland & Zo!


Zeeland you discover here since 2017

Photography in Zeeland you discover here! On this website and the socials. We photograph not only the province but also blogging about for example the Agrarian area & the urban environment. was founded in September 2017 and is 2 years later one of the established online platforms of Zeeland!